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The mission of America, Can We Talk? is to renew and inspire love for America’s unique and extraordinary greatness, and to raise awareness about the many ways in which the future of America’s liberty, prosperity, strength, and stability are under siege. Patriots in every generation must speak up to preserve this country. It is our turn.

We offer daily programs, insightful commentary, stellar interviews, and blog posts on the top stories of the day.  You can watch live (or later) at AmericaCanWeTalk.org. Our shows are also available live and/or later on many social media platforms including Rumble.com & Gab.com  &  Locals.com &  Parler.com & Clouthub.com & Gettr.

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  • Discounted ticket prices for our stellar Summits and programs
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  • Discounted prices on America Can We Talk products sold on the website
  • Participation in occasional private Zoom calls with Debbie Georgatos

But the main reason to join is to help support responsible and serious commentary about America, and to aid in the exposure of the bias of left-wing media, and the lies of the anti-American Left, that are steadily tearing America apart.

I speak #TruthAboutAmerica every day on America, Can We Talk.

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Debbie Georgatos

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